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Internal Business Alignment

Internal Business Alignment


Internal Business Alignment

Whether a Start-up, Scale-up or SME, it is more important than ever that all teams within any business are aligned. As companies develop, grow and make exciting new hires, often at pace, it can be very difficult to maintain order and consistency across the business.  

We help you to identify misalignments and particular pain-points to establish actionable plans and execute re-alignment of teams within the business.



Marketing & Sales Teams

The old adage goes that Marketing, in their own little bubble develop a new project, marketing campaign, proposition or new brand in isolation then WHAM - it is thrown to the Sales team with little to no warning. 

On the other side of the coin, Sales, as the A-Type personalities they are, refuse to stick to the script, are off-brand and don't use the CRM system as it is too restrictive and time-consuming.

We help you to identify root-causes of misalignment and support you in educating both sides in to supporting each other to drive the organisation forward.

Sales, Product & Marketing

Even the strongest of Salespeople have found themselves becoming almost subservient to a prospective client at some stage. Some find themselves there more often. Consequently, they make claims relating to products/services that aren't yet on the service / product roadmap.

If the service / product is sold, this can lead to internal friction - the Product team have to scramble to re-direct resource and the Marketing team are coerced in to building the supporting collateral required to support on-boarding and external promotion.

We help you reduce this friction by outlining best practice frameworks.



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