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Buyer Persona Development


Buyer Persona Development

To get the right leads in to the business, you need to be targeting your best customers first, your best prospects second and then everybody else.

A Buyer Persona or Marketing Persona is a generalisation of your ideal target audience - the ones you want to target first. Buyer Personas outline who the best customers are (Demographic), where they are (Geographic), their behaviour patterns, their motivators/de-motivators (Psychographic) and their goals.

Resource is precious and time is finite. Let us help you develop Buyer Personas that will help you get closer to your goals in a shorter time.


Who are your Buyer Personas?

If you can't answer that question, chances are you are wasting nearly all time, effort and resource on your current Marketing. 

To ensure your Marketing is effective you need to identify your target audience. It is imperative that you have an overview of who they are, where they can be reached, when they are open to being engaged, their motivating factors and perhaps more importantly, what de-motivates them or turns them off completely.

We have developed an approach to building out Buyer Personas that will ensure your Marketing hits the right spot with your ideal (profitable) audience. 

What are their motivators?

We are all looking to achieve something in our careers. Your target audience is no different. Let's help them out.

Outside of your control are factors such as work/life balance and pay, but if you're reading this it is likely you've got something that can help make processes more efficient, provide a cost saving or introduce a new system that will help them prove themselves to their leadership team and turbo-charge their career progression. 

Taking the time to understand and outline your target audiences motivating factors will enable you to tailor messaging and communications in the a that will be sure to get them coming your way. 

What problem do you solve?

All of the Start-ups, Scale-Ups and SMEs that we work with have a fantastic offering and a tonne of passion.

One thing those companies are sure about is that they solve major problems for many businesses and consumers alike. 

What they are often unsure about is how to position themselves with prospective clients (at different levels), against competitors and with the press.

In our Buyer Persona Development sessions, we help you to identify who to target, where to target them and what pain-points to talk to in your Marketing and Advertising. 


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