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Marketing Strategy for Start-ups, Scale-ups and SMEs

Marketing Strategy


"The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do"

- Michael Porter

Marketing Strategy

Start-ups, Scale-ups and SMEs are all looking to establish themselves or grow, and there are 100's of things on their to-do list.

The problem is, looking at a to-do list isn't going to get those things done. Neither is agonising about what order to do them in or trying to find the resources to do so - let us do that for you from as little as £2,250.

We pride ourselves on being able to help companies cut out the white noise, get the right resources in place and prioritise what really matters.

Objective Setting

Objective Setting

Marketing is more than just the colouring in department. However, Marketing as a business function only contributes tangible value to an organisation when the objectives and goals have been designed to support those of the business. 

Whether it's Brand Awareness, Customer Retention, Reduced Sales Cycle or Increase Market Share, we can help you build out the right Marketing Objectives for your business.

What's more, we make sure that everyone across the Marketing team has tangible, measurable objectives. Not only is this good practice, it's great for business and company culture. Employees who are achieving or overachieving against their targets get a genuine sense of satisfaction from their work. 

Best Practice

Marketing Best Practice

There are many different ways to do business, but the way you've always done things isn't always the best way.

We have worked across many businesses in different industries. That helps us to differentiate from our competitors and it can help you, too.

Bound by our code of ethics we would not disclose sensitive information or reveal any strategic approaches but we do see the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to Marketing Strategies.

Our approach provides us with the insight and ability to empower you with a class-leading Marketing Strategy.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

If you think Brand Positioning is just a logo and a tagline, we're off to a bad start. But it's not too late if you have an open mind.

Think about your business as a cake, it's made up of different layers. The base is your Vision, Mission and Purpose - these are your reason for being. The first layer is your Identity (logo, tagline, website) - these are the expected minimums. The filling is your Competitor Research - how you differentiate your business. The second layer is your Brand Experience - what is the customer journey? As for the icing - that is Brand Awareness. It's what your customers/clients know and think of you.

We help you to create a favourable gap that will ensure you are front of mind.  

Go to Market Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy

To achieve your business objectives you need a comprehensive Go-to-Market Strategy.

It is easy to get distracted with the latest fads and trends. What's more, the Marketing Technology (MarTech) Ecosystem now has thousands of vendors vying for your business - all with a slightly different spin on similar products.

We work with you to provide a tailored Go-to-Market strategy that will help keep you and the team on track. All while driving the business forward.

Marketing Tactics

Marketing Tactics

Social Media Content, Newsletters, Direct Mail, Blogs, Events, Case Studies, Videos, Infographics, White Papers, Presentations, Webinars, Research Reports and Microsites are just the beginning when it comes to Marketing Tactics.

In partnership, we will take a look back at what Marketing Tactics you have deployed previously; what worked, what didn't, and why.

From there, we will develop a comprehensive plan for which Marketing Tactics work best for your business and how to activate them.    

Marketing Channels

Marketing Channels

All businesses are different, but they have one thing in common - referrals are the best converting leads (at least in a B2B world). Second best are typically Inbound leads but without using the right Marketing Tactics and Channels - you aren't going to find yourself in front of your target audience.

As part of our comprehensive review, we assess your most effective Marketing Channels to date. We Also put forward recommendations for A/B testing Channels you may not have considered previously in your marketing activity. 


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