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Virtual Marketing Director

Virtual Marketing Director


Virtual Marketing Director

Imagine a world where you could add another qualified person to your senior leadership team without having to pay a full-time salary. Furthermore, one who has deep understanding of successful Marketing Strategy and Marketing Tactics. Today, that is possible from as little as £675/mth.

The Marketing Consultancy Group (MCG) offer a Virtual Marketing Director service that is as flexible as your business needs it to be. Whether it is one hour, one day or one week a month, we offer you increased strategic Marketing direction and peace of mind. 


Why a Virtual Marketing Director?

When establishing and scaling your business, keeping overheads low and limiting outgoings are key to your success.

By utilising our Virtual Marketing Director service, you will have bolstered the senior leadership team to include an experienced dedicated Marketing Director who can really get your Marketing function moving without significantly increasing your outgoing payroll.

What does it include?

We are as flexible as you need us to be, but Start-ups, Scale-ups and SMEs alike look to us for the following:

  • Strategic Marketing direction

  • A weekly/monthly Marketing conference call

  • Ongoing business-hours support and correspondence

  • Marketing team recruitment

  • Discounted access to all of our other Marketing services

What do we need to have?

In order for the Virtual Marketing Director model to work, it is important that you either have or are looking to build Marketing resource. This may be in the form of junior team member(s) or budget for 3rd party tactical Marketing support.

With our extensive network, we are well placed to identify and recruit key Marketing resources and partners.


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